6. April 2014

FASHION// walking down the street with my gym bag on

trench H&M | jeans Levi's | gym bag Amazon | shoes Isabel Marant

Ah... Yeah. So, today I was walking down the street with my cotton gym bag on which I bought from an art supply shop on Amazon for like 3€. I already feel that I am going to wear this little cutie a lot in summer. Don't you love having nothing in your hands to carry which enables you to grab everything you like? 

14. März 2014

FASHION// magazine love: a/sh mag

 a/sh mag via printe

A/SH MAG. This is my new favorite Magazine. The title is indicating it in a tricky way: it's about Art and Fashion. And I am always fascinated by this symbiosis, because it focuses on lines, edges, shadows and materials - paired with a bit poetry. Due to the fact that everything is highly reduced I really feel every thread and every strand in those arty shots. It's not as loud and overbearing, like those little colorful fashion magazines, it always calms me down. 
Dear A/SH MAG, you keep me under your spell.

1. März 2014

DIY// graphic lingerie harness

lace bra H&M | jeans Levi's | smoking blazer Zara

It's a wrap! I longed for some graphic lingerie harness like this for so long and because I didn't find it anywhere I decided I'll do it on my own. I wanted something that I can wear over anything I'd like - a grey tee, a lace bra ... . 

You'll find a short manual after the jump.

1. Februar 2014

HOME// jasmine dowling calendar

calendar for 2014 Jasmine Dowling

There are too many beautiful calendars out there at the moment. This one is my current favorite. It's the 2014 calendar by Jasmine Dowling. I guess you all know her lovely quotes that have been shared a billion times. I just love this girl and what she's doing. Download your own calendar here
So this is my perfect kind of Saturday - redocorating my room, varnishing my nails and enjoying freshly sqeezed juice. Btw I'm sorry for the bad light, it's just too dark these days. Hey spring, I am awaiting your sun!

For a beetroot juice like this one use: 
1/2 lemon 
2 apples
2 oranges
2 carrots
2 beetroots
Happy Saturday!

16. Januar 2014

DRINK// green juice

When I was a child I really really hated kale. To put it in a nutshell, I feel like having a kale-trauma. But my incentive of trying new things and challenging myself is also very high. 
So this was the second time I made some green juice (see the first green juice on instagram). The good thing is that the taste is brilliant and I kind of circumvent my aversion for kale. The bad thing is that there is pretty much you will have to trash. So I hold the view it would be best to just eat the whole kale for ingesting all the minerals and vitamins. Another option could be making a smoothie instead of a juice, like the green one I made last summer. But for now I will take it slow and just drink my kale juice! Omnomnom!

11. Januar 2014

HOME// rk design calendar

2014. This is my new calendar for the upcoming year. Minimalistic calendars are my favorite ones and I'm a big fan of the classic calendars designed by Massimo Vignelli, find them online here or there.
Since they are a bit pricey I was super happy discovering this RK Design Calendar for 2014 on weekdaycarnival a few days ago. It's made by Riika herself and you can download it for free! Isn't this a pleasant gesture? Download yours here.

4. Januar 2014

EAT// raw vegan cashew berry cake

This was my birthday cake yesterday - a raw vegan cashew berry cake! I am very proud of my mum and my sister, because I didn't do anything except handing the recipe to them. So, after enjoying the power balls, this is the second raw recipe I've tried. It tasted delicious! All in all it's made of fruits and nuts and that's why it is very nutritious. I love it even for breakfast.
You can find the recipe here.